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Blind VI Now on Twitter & Facebook! Jun. 14th, 2009 @ 12:09 am
More ways to promote/support Blind VI and spread the word about the website!

Blind VI now has a twitter page! Please follow Blind VI! This is a great tool for those who have no time to read a long lengthy blog entry. Lots of people can read stuff on their mobile phones so this is something new that could be a positive for the website. Once you're following Blind VI's twitter page, spread the word by telling your entire followers list to follow Blind VI!

Facebook Fan Page
Everyone's doing it! Please place Blind VI as one of your fan pages! Click on Become a Fan and then click on the SHARE button and share Blind VI's fan page info to all your friends on facebook. And ask them to become a fan to Blind VI as well to support the website.
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White Cane Awareness Day Oct. 10th, 2008 @ 09:09 pm
Subject: Oct 15 is White Cane Awarness Day.

Date: Oct. 15

Here's a website about the long white cane.

click on White Cane Safety Day.

The cane is used by those who are blind and partially sighted. Not alot of people are educated properly about the long white cane.

Do your part by contacting your local Lions Club and making a donation to their white cane day fundraiser.

Club Locator:

Please spread the word by copying the text below.
Then pasting it in blogs, bulletin and/or also pasting this message in a email and forwarding it to your friends and family!
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Aug. 11th, 2008 @ 09:39 pm

Get your own braille alphabet card!

Get your very own braille alphabet card for your blog, profile, or website! Two versions available!

2 types: dark lettering for light backgrounds. Light lettering for dark backgrounds. Link right below the image. If tables bother you remove everything above and below the image and link urls. But place a paragraph break so that it flows.

Dark lettering on white background.
Microsoft Office Publisher document.
You must have Microsoft Office Publisher to access.


Seeking creative blind person to adapt Braille to my invented language Feb. 10th, 2007 @ 11:45 am
I invented a language 7 years ago that now has hundreds of speakers and fans on the Internet. I am about to publish a book on it. I want to add a Braille section to show how the language can be written by blind folks. If this message is off-topic to the community, then please accept my apologies.

The language is called Toki Pona, pronounced "toe key pone uh". It is a very primitive and cute language that only has 120 words. These simple words can be combined in various ways to describe anything in the universe. For example, there is no single word for "friend", so you combine words and say "good person". Picture a bunch of happy hunter-gatherers millions of years ago living in nature, on an island.

I need a blindness expert to help me develop a written form of the language that blind people can use. I am trying to think outside the box here, so Braille may not be the first choice.

I have heard that some people who lose their sight later in life find Braille harder to learn. I'm wondering if something like Moon type is actually easier to master.

My main problem is that if Toki Pona represents a simple language coming from a very primitive culture wiht low technology, then they would not have access to Perkins embossers and Moon typewriters and tools like that. Maybe they could put pebble formations in clay tablets, or carve tactile runes in tree bark or stone.

Please contact me if you are interested in brainstorming some creative ideas for my constructed language. I want to make it accessible to blind people, and I want to think outside the box before simply accepting Braille as automatically the best solution. Of course anybody who helps me develop a blind writing system for my language will be fully credited in the book.

If you use an instant messenger or Skype, you can tell me your contact info and we can chat on there.

Foreign names Nov. 25th, 2006 @ 08:42 pm
Does anyone have any resources for transcribing foreign names? If the pronounciation differs from English we're not supposed to use contractions. But if I don't know how some of these names are pronounced, how do I know whether to contract them or not, as names aren't in the dictionary.

Any help would be appreciated!
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» Braille Enthusiast's Dictionary?
Hi all,
I'm working on my Library of Congress certification again, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a source where I could just borrow a print copy of the Braille Enthusiast's Dictionary, or perhaps purchase a used one for less than the $70 it costs new. I own a copy, but unfortunately, it's sitting in the far (and overcrowded) reaches of my storage unit.

Many thanks for any help!
» Rnib scotland
I don't know if any one else in thsi community is a member or Rnib in Britain but if so, are u finding that they're not sending out much Braille? The last few letters I've got were in print, not use whatsoever! I'm thinking about writing to them 'cos I don't want to be a member of an organisation for the Blind that doesnt give you things in your preferred format! What do u guys think?

Bubbles and Guide dog Star
» White Cane Day Poll
Hi all, I'm a member of the Lions Club here in my state. And I'm polling the blind community to see what they'd like to see either on the day of the fund raiser or before the fund raiser happens.

The poll is a list I've generated on my own and I wanted some feedback on these areas that I thought of.

As you know White Cane Safety Month is October 15. And most Lions Clubs are doing their White Cane Fundraisers on October 7-8. And if you know anyone who is sighted who'd like to take part in this poll may do so ONLY if they have a LiveJournal account.

Go to the link below to participate. All feedback is appricated! I am hopeful many of you will participate and pass this poll on to friends and family. Suggestions and comments can be sent via the two email links in the poll. Thus the reason for me disabling comments.

White Cane Day Poll
» about brailleschool
Hey gang,
just letting you know that Brailleschool is changing from free to a price of $14.95 to use it services. Just letting you guys know. Just incase some of you are members.
» Beta Test Feature
Folks the braille quiz is about to be redone. I'll be using the same format: 5 questions, grade one braille. And of course the same catagories with the same questions as before. Only I took down all of the remote images and replaced them with one imaged words with alt tags so that our jaws users can participate. Now, the only problem I found is that the spacer, tick and cross images to grade each question cannot be alt tagged. It's in javascript and I don't know how that can work without the quiz freezing up. So if you can help me on that prospect via commenting that'd be great. Understand these pages take almost a couple of hours to make so it's not a easy task. Gotta create the answers in 3d braille and save to images. Upload images to photobucket. And then remove the old images without screwing up the code by placing the new ones in. And then alt tagging each one to make sure you have the dot numbers for each letter in that image correct. Save, refresh and then see how it works.

Because it's javascript, I gotta place this on my website so here's the link. Test and comment please.

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